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Anhui Ruibang Biological Nicotinamide suspended production stopped external quotation.2023-06-07
The quotation of Meihua bio-feed grade vitamin B2 is raised to 150 yuan /kg for core customers.2023-06-07
Ningxia Benda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. built a new xanthan gum project with an annual output of 10,000 tons.2023-06-06
The latest news: thThe latest news: the feed-grade price of NHU Vitamin E has been raised to 77 yuan /kg.e feed-grade price of Xinhecheng Vitamin E has been raised to 77 yuan /kg.2023-06-06
The latest news: The vitamin E production line of Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical stopped production for maintenance at the end of June 2023.2023-06-06
The latest news:Shandong NHU vitamin B6 factory began to stop production repair in mid-June.2023-06-06
Latest News: The latest price of Sichuan Bohaoda Inositol (food grade) on May 18th.2023-05-18
Latest News: The latest price of inositol of Zhucheng Haotian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on May 18th.2023-05-18
NHU Shandong Vitamin E Factory plans to stop production for maintenance in mid-June 2023.2023-05-16
The annual production capacity of NHU vitamin A feed with a grade disof 500,000 IU is 8,000 tons.2023-05-16
Garden biology: at present, the vitamin A production line has been transformed.2023-05-16
The price of nicotinamide continues to rise, the market is out of supply.2023-05-11
Garden biology: at present, the vitamin A production line has been transformed.2023-05-11
The price of p-aminophenol continued to bottom out, the market for paracetamol fell.2023-04-20
Major manufacturers of vitamin C phosphate raise the price to 16 yuan /kg.2023-04-20
Domestic manufacturers of vitamin B1 suspend foreign quotation.2023-04-20
On April 19th, the ex-factory prices of lysine, threonine valine of Yipin Bio-products.2023-04-20
Health Network News: 7-ADCA is tight, the manufacturer raises the price.2023-04-10
The annual output of 6,000 tons of vitamin A 200 tons of biotin in Garden Biology is expected to be completed in 2023.2023-04-10
The latest news: On April 6th, vitamin B2 feed-grade manufacturers raised the price.2023-04-10
The latest news: After the price of vitamin K3 fell below 100 yuan, it continued to bottom out.2023-04-10
The latest news: Summary of the resumption of quotation by major domestic manufacturers of vitamin D32023-04-10
On April 7th, the latest quotation of L- carnitine series products of Hubei Chuwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.2023-04-10
The latest news: Yuxing Bio raised the price of vitamin B12 on April 8.2023-04-10
The latest prices of vitamin B6, calcium pantothenate, folic acid biotin in Anhui Tiger on April 7.2023-04-07
The latest price of vitamin C vitamin C phosphate in Anhui Tiger on April 7th.2023-04-07
Latest news: calcium pantothenate manufacturers continue to raise prices slightly.2023-03-31
Vitamin A feed-grade prices stopped falling, major manufacturers raised prices.2023-03-31
On March 24th, Zhejiang medicine feed-grade vitamin E vitamin A stopped reporting signing in China.2023-03-31
The vitamin B12 production line of NCPC was fully resumed at the end of March.2023-03-31
The latest news of feed exhibition: the feed-grade price of vitamin B2 will bottom out rebound.2023-03-31
On March 20th, major domestic manufacturers of vitamin D3 stopped reporting signing.2023-03-20
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