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Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry (Febrary 2022)
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Part Ⅰ: Market situation analysis 3

The first application for marketing oral carbapenem antibiotics was accepted by FDA. 3

Analyze the reasons of price increase in calcium pantothenate. 3

Analysis of The Domestic Pharmaceutical Raw Material Market In The Third Week of 2022 4

Part Ⅱ: Enterprise news industry news 9

From January 4th, NHU Vitamin B6 stopped reporting signing 9

Yufeng Industrial Groups annual output of 50,000 tons trehalose project was successfully put into operation 10

Anhui Tiger quoted the price of vitamin C phosphate folic acid recovery on January 4th. 10

Zhejiang Changhai Bio-branch Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 600 tons of carotenoid green technological upgrading project. 10

Zhejiang Changhai Bio-branch invested in a new vitamin A precursor 1 project with an annual output of 3,600 tons. 10

Changzhou Xinhong January 4th Latest price of folic acid (vitamin B9) 10

At present, Yimantes production operation are normal. 10

On January 11th, the price of calcium pantothenate manufacturers increased significantly. 11

CSPC plans to reduce production of vitamin C series products. 11

A new calcium pantothenate project of a company will be put into production in the first half of 2022. 11

A vitamin C factory stopped production at the end of the month. 11

Anhui Tigers folic acid price rose on January 10th, vitamin B6 resumed quotation. 12

Yuxing Bios new coenzyme Q10 project will be put into production. 12

The latest price of L- carnitine series in Hubei Chuwei Pharmaceutical 12

P-aminophenol project of Bayi New Chemical Factory will be put into trial production after Spring Festival. 12

Chifeng Aike Pharmaceutical invested in new pharmaceutical intermediate projects with an annual output of 463 tons. 12

The food-grade vitamin D3 project of the Biological Jinxi Science Technology Park in Huayuan was put into trial production at the end of March 2022. 13

Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical invested in rebuilding biotin (vitamin H) intelligent reconstruction project. 13

Capacity of Inner Mongolia Jindawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 13

On January 14th, Yifan Pharmaceutical Calcium Pantothenate (calcium pantothenate) resumed its quotation. 14

Baolingbao Biological Co., Ltd. expands the project of erythritol crystal with an annual output of 30,000 tons. 14

Part Ⅲ: Price information 14

1、Export price of Vitamins 14

2、Export price of Antibiotics 15

3、Export prices of Antipyretic analgesic 16

4、Export prices of hormone APIs 16


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