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Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry(October.2021)
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Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry

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Part Ⅰ: Market situation analysis

On September 3, India made an anti-dumping final ruling on vitamin C imported from China.

The market price of vitamin D3 stopped falling rebounded.

In the first half of 2021, the price of paracetamol rose sharply the export volume continued to decrease

Part Ⅱ: Enterprise news industry news

Enbei Group raises the feed grade price of vitamin B2.

Recently, a domestic manufacturer raised the price of vitamin B1.

Delayed resumption of production of vitamin C production line in Northeast pharmacy.

Anhui Tianyin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. raised the price of vitamin C, magnesium phosphate other products.

Shandong Luwei Pharmaceutical Vitamin C production line recently resumed production

Anhui Tiger Vitamin B6 continues to raise the quotation.

A biotin production factory in Jiangxi will raise the price of biotin from now on.

Hebei yuxing biology continues to raise the feed price of vitamin B12.

The vitamin production workshop of Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical resumed production.

Shandong Kunda Bio suspended the quotation of nicotinamide.

The vitamin B2 production line of Guangji Pharmaceutical (Mengzhou) Co., Ltd. resumed production on September 13th.

Affected by the soaring chemical raw materials, a vitamin B6 manufacturer raised its quotation.

Vitamin D3 feed grade recovery quotation

Part Ⅲ: Price information

1、Export price of Vitamins

2、Export price of Antibiotics

3、Export prices of Antipyretic analgesic

4、Export prices of hormone APIs

5. Other


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