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API Price Vtamins Antiobiotcs Others  
Yunnan Zewei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Reconstructi...01-12
Anhui Baker Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. newly built M...01-12
The net profit of East Asia pharmaceutical industr...01-12
Anhui Fengyuan Likang Pharmaceutical invested in r...01-12
Announcement of commissioning time of isosorbide p...01-12
Shandong Xiaowei Biotechnology invested in a new p...01-12
Yunnan Zewei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. expands the ...01-12
With a total investment of 620 million yuan, Yunna...01-12
API Review
6-APA production capacity changes, affecting ...01-12
2022 global new drug inventory: "First-in-cla...01-12
The global export volume price of ibuprofen r...01-06
Vitamin B12 feed-grade price fell below 100 y...01-06
Inventory in 2022: Overview of "Five Xiaoqian...12-30
From January to November 2022, the average pr...12-30
Affected by the domestic epidemic, the price ...12-30
Inventory in 2022: Major Events in Antibiotic...12-30
Veterinary Drug
Federal Pharmaceuticals (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd. built a n...01-12
Harbin Sanlian laid out the veterinary drug market, built pr...01-12
Florfenicol reference price12-30
Streptomycin sulfate reference export price12-30
Neomycin Sulfate reference price12-30
Gentamicin sulfate reference price12-30
Tulathromycin reference price12-30
Tylosin main producer reference price12-30
Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry(December 2022)12-08
Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry(August)08-08
Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry(July 2022)07-07
Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry(June 2022)06-09
Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry (March 2022)03-01
Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry (Febrary 2022)02-10
9 million people develop diabetes, which is strongly associa...01-12
Luoqi Biotech LQ043H single-domain antibody nebulizer was ap...01-12
When the most prevalent mutant strain in the United States, ...01-12
2022 FDA approval of new drug transcript01-12
Qilu Pharmaceuticals "Ertapeneem Sodium for Injection" was a...01-12
The State Food Drug Administration accepted the marketing ap...01-12
Latest news: Vitamin C manufacturers suspend external quotat...11-02
Import price news of potassium clavulanate microcrystalline ...08-19
Table of Major Exporting Enterprises of Valsartan API in Ind...08-18
From January to June 2021, the price of imported erythromyci...08-12
Trend of import price of methyl acid in Indonesia from Janua...07-06
Indias import price of p-aminophenol (PAP) continues to rise07-05
Export & Import Reports
China Import Export Statistics Report Introduction02-22
Notification of Pricing Adjustment01-12
Monthly drug formulation export report03-08
Glutathione monthly export report02-17
Paracetamol (formulations) monthly export report03-25
Sodium Lactate Ringer's Injection monthly export report03-25
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